About Us

Founded in 2002, phpINDIA offers you the best PHP Web Solutions ever. We are the leader in web application, website development and consultancy. We had 15+ years of experience in web development and served 500+ Clients in 25+ Countries. Our team of 150+ employees has executed 3000+ Projects till now.

phpINDIA is a growing IT firm pioneering in providing services and solutions to all types of enterprises. We have a massive infrastructure and different departments for each service that we provide. Our employees are highly qualified and humble such that you’ll almost feel like home.

Work Culture

The work culture at phpINDIA is filled with positivity and creativity. We have all the facilities at the workplace for our employees. phpINDIA firmly believes in team work, and hence, we train our staff such a way that they can work in any environment and conditions. We have employee development and affiliation programs which help employees to stay motivated.


phpINDIA has got its customer base in 25+ countries. We provide them services such as eCommerce Shopping Cart Development, CMS Development, Framework Development, Front-End Development, CRM Development, QA Testing Services and Digital Marketing Solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in quality rather than quantity. Providing quality service to the customers is the only thing that we want at the end of the day. We believe in “No Worry” policy. Once the customer enters our premises, they should leave all their worries outside the door and then enter. Providing top notch services to make lifelong customers by effective communication channels that guarantee success in any business is our motto.

One-stop Solution

phpINDIA provides a broad range of IT services starting from branding to digital marketing solutions. We have teams of qualified professionals that can help you through out for any problems that come between you and success. Customers also have full freedom to choose the number of services they want to opt for. We will assign a team to them accordingly. There is one team leader in every project who will be continuously staying in touch with the customer and guide them through out the process.

International Exposure

phpINDIA has also got experience in offshore development in different countries. We have designed applications for top notch international firms and start-ups. This engagement with foreign companies has increased the quality level of the services we provide. Because of it today 50% of our client base is outside the India.

Contributing to Society

Today we are where we are because of the society. Society has given us so much that it deserves a reward back. We provide Industrial training to College students so that they can get a good amount of exposure and learning lessons from industry professional and make them ready for their tomorrow. Apart from this, we are continuously engaged in arranging Blood Donation Drives where our employees voluntarily give blood to the reputed blood banks.