AngularJS Development

Based on JavaScript AngularJS is an open source web development application which is used as a front-end in single page website development. As this platform is based on JavaScript, it is cross-platform compatible. So that the website developed using AngularJS can run on any browser on any device.

Why AngularJS Development?

  • Safety

Security is one of the most primary concern why AngularJS should be utilized. Most of the leading industries nowadays focus more on storing and managing data. And to secure such data online is very important.

  • Declarative UI

Designing user interface is also easy and satisfying with AngularJS. AngularJS uses HTML for defining application’s UI. No need to determine the flow of the programs to load. AngularJS will do everything for you.

  • Easy Integration

For making a website more attractive, some organizations use third party features into the main code. With AngularJS integration with other third-party frameworks also gets very comfortable.

  • Data Binding

Data Binding in AngularJS is done by Plain Old Java Script Objects. This method does not need any extra set of functions for development. AngularJS sees how data is changed in a scope and changes the view accordingly.

  • Less Coding

HTML needs a lot of coding to be done before it is kept into execution. Hence, AngularJS is a boon to creative web developers because it reduces their effort in hard coding so that they can now invest more time in creativity.

Why phpINDIA for AngularJS Development?

phpINDIA is very well known for its work in the field of AngularJS development. As the use of AngularJS has increased since many years, it has become imperative for the companies to choose a proper AngularJS developer in the market. phpINDIA has been a leader in Website designing using AngularJS.

Our Top AngularJS Development Services

  • AngularJS customization

We don’t just design the websites but also customize it for client specific applications. Use specific websites help increase SEO.

  • AngularJS Consulting

You have developed your business good in the online market, but somehow you are confused where to start and how your website should look. We will consult you and help you out with the latest trends in website designing market.

  • Integration with AngularJS

We know that your customers use different devices and platforms to stay connected with you; therefore, we offer high integration with all devices using AngularJS.

  • Value for Money

We offer the best value for money for your website by providing the best in class service.

  • Maintenance and Help

We are not done even after we provide you the product. We will always be there for support and help whenever you need.

Our Other AngularJS Development Services

  • AngularJS based Website design
  • AngularJS cross platform development
  • AngularJS Testing and Verification
  • AngularJS troubleshooting and support
  • AngularJS Optimization