Backbone.js Development

Backbone is a library in JS framework. There are many such libraries like backbone.js, but this library is most commonly used by several big companies like Walmart, Khan Academy, WordPress, Pandora and much more. Backbone.js is more popular because it provides better maintainability by structuring and organizing the code.

Why Backbone.js Development?

  •  Lightweight

Backbone.js is the second most lightweight library in JS framework. If someone wants to design a heavy graphics website but also don’t want it to load slowly, then backbone.js is the most appropriate choice.

  •  Protective

To carry out bigger functionalities we need some smaller functions or commands that do the job. Backbone.js provides you the freedom to choose a different kind of small roles doing different jobs.

  •  Documentation and API

Backbone.js API hasn’t changed since it was developed which was five years ago. The library is very well structured and documented so; it is easy to use.

  •   Liberal Enhancement

Backbone.js is mainly used to enhance the website experience for the user. Backbone.js hasn’t been updated for many years, but still, it is compatible with any version of any browser.

  •   Isomorphic JS

Most of the popular Java frameworks use backbone as backend and even front end. Hence, if you know backbone.js then you’ll not face any problem understanding, or writing servers side programs based on Java Script.

Why phpINDIA for Backbone.js Development?

As the name Backbone, itself suggests that it is the backbone of every application that helps your website to function properly. If the backbone.js is unstable, then your site will probably fall in no time. At phpINDIA, we have years of experience and skilled developer to develop applications on Backbone.js.

Our Top Backbone.js Development Services

  •  Backbone.js development

Backbone.js development is the forte of phpINDIA. We provide one of the best light weight libraries to our customers so that their website can load quickly.

  •  Backbone.js Documentation

Using Backbone, we can store as much APIs as we want. Apart from all other functions in Java Environment, this is the only one which offers this feature, and we have a lot of APIs already developed for faster development.

  •  Backbone.js Consultancy

If some company or individual is stuck somewhere while backbone development, we try our best to help them out and provide them services.

  •  Backbone.js Integration and Implementation

Like other Java elements Backbone also provides good integration with other platforms. At phpINDIA we have the facility to integrate backbone with other applications.

  •  SEO Services

We provide SEO service to our customers by offering them Documented APIs and Light Weight Libraries from our storage.

Our Other Backbone.js Development Services

  • Backbone.js Development
  • Backbone.js website enhancement
  • Light weight Library development
  • Backbone.js maintenance
  • Backbone.js Testing