CakePHP Development

CakePHP is an open-source web framework Following the MVC or Model View Control Approach. CakePHP is written in PHP language. This framework is designed on the concepts of Ruby on Rails. CakePHP was developed by polish developer Michal Tatarynowicz in April 2005. It is used to develop PHP applications faster.

Why CakePHP Development?

There is a good catch using this technology. This technology makes PHP development faster. Using CakePHP code generation and Application Scaffolding becomes easy. It is compatible with PHP versions 4 and 5. Data sanitization, Flexible ACL, Flexible caching and Localization are one of the key features of Cake PHP.

  •  MVC pattern

CakePHP supports full data handling with a choice of Model class to insert, update, read or remove data from the database. The view also supports data translating on the screen.

  1.  ORM

CakePHP supports ORM which is a mapping technique to transfer data between different system types in databases and object-oriented programming languages.

  1.  Zero Configuration

CakePHP is a not a single piece of code where you need to objectify location of libraries. All configuration is done automatically. Database connections are the only thing we need to care about.

  1.  Built in validation

With the help of CakePHP validation is easy. By just referring to a few tutorials, anyone can learn to attach multiple validation rules to a single field.

  1.  CRUD scaffolding

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. These are the most common activities that we perform on any web page. With the help of CakePHP, only a single line of code can perform CRUD.

Why phpINDIA for CakePHP Development?

phpINDIA Provides an end-to-end CakePHP development services like framework development, programming, and outsourcing technology to, bigger organizations. For the development, we use well-structured codes and web applications that are faster, simple and provide built-in Utilities like, translation, validation, authentication, caching, database access, etc. phpINDIA also offers 24×7 service for any query regarding the development.

Our Top CakePHP Development Services

  •  CakePHP development

phpINDIA Offers great deals in developing PHP application in CakePHP. We use strong technology and efficient coding for CakePHP development.

  •  CakePHP Module development

Our highly qualified developers develop different CakePHP modules which customers can directly apply to their webpages without any assistance.

  •  CakePHP Upgrade and Extension designing

We develop standard plug-ins and libraries to make your webpage extensible and scalable. So that it becomes competent for the upcoming updates of CakePHP.

  •  CakePHP Consultation

Tired of your consultant? Come to phpINDIA and we will help you develop an efficient CakePHP application. Even if you are stuck at a place come to us and together we’ll figure the way out.

  •  CakePHP customised application development

Using our default libraries and functions designed by our developers, we will provide you customised design solutions for web development.

Our Other CakePHP Development Services

  • CakePHP Integration service
  • CakePHP maintenance
  • AJAX development using CakePHP
  • ORM Services
  • CRUD Scaffolding using CakePHP