jQuery Development

Unlike different libraries of Java Script framework, this is not a library or language, but it is a code. The code is written in Java Script to simplify HTML Documentation. The features of jQuery include DOM manipulation, Event handling, AJAX support, Animations, Lightweight, Cross browser support, Latest technology, etc.

Why jQuery Development?

  • Free to use

Like other Java Libraries, jQuery is also open source. One can download the code for free from its website. There are various plug-ins available which can directly be used for website enhancement.

  • Integration with the visual studio

Visual Studio can be integrated with many different libraries of different frameworks. One of them is the jQuery library. With the help of NuGet extension, we can easily integrate jQuery with Visual Studio.

  • Massive Library

There are some plugins available for enhancing user experience. We can take advantage of the extensive jQuery library and place creative sliders and buttons or animation on our website.

  • Cross-platform compatibility

jQuery Libraries have excellent cross-browser compatibility. It can run on Mac OS browsers like Safari, Opera, etc. and also Windows based browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

  • SEO Friendly

The size of the files generated via jQuery is petite. The main reason behind websites to use jQuery for flash and animation applications comes on top of Google search.

Why phpINDIA for jQuery Development?

jQuery is said to be one of the most capable cross-platform Java script library. The job of jQuery is to browse through documents, animation creation, and DOM element selection. We at phpINDIA have the most brilliant and creative engineers who can help you benefit maximum from jQuery and boost your business.

Our Top jQuery Development Services

  • jQuery Designing

Using jQuery Code, we design our User interface and design web pages. We also help our customers to choose the best libraries out of the bank.

  • jQuery Consultancy

At phpINDIA we guide our clients to design the UI/UX using jQuery platform. We’ll help you make changes in your existing website and improve SEO.

  • jQuery UI Development

As soon as you give us consignment to design the web page using jQuery, our incredibly talented team of engineers will start working on it. More service in short time is our motto.

  • jQuery integration

jQuery can easily be integrated with Visual Studio 2010. If you have any visual studio application ready and want to integrate that with your website then, phpINDIA is the right choice for you.

  • jQuery maintenance

We do not just end by giving our best services to you. We believe in long time relationship with our customers. Maintenance is said to be more important than development. Even after development, we continue to give our services to our customers when they want.

Our Other jQuery Development Services

  • jQuery plug-in development
  • jQuery Game development
  • jQuery bug fixing
  • jQuery mobile app development
  • Migration services