MODX Development

MODX is a highly robust Content Management System and a Content App Platform that is picking up in popularity in the recent times.  It offers unique features to the developers and the website owners alike.  Not only does it let the developers build a website exactly as per your needs, it is also cost effective because of being open source.  In other words, you don’t have to pay a dime to get the license for MODX.   This platform makes site editing and content management simple, and thus allows website owners to take full control.  Moreover, its multiple features make it perfectly suited for organizations of all sizes.

Why MODX Development?

  • Easy Management

Once the website has been developed with MODX, it is absolutely simple for the website owner or admin to manage the website.  The entire management can be performed from a single interface without requiring any knowledge of programming.

  • Content Management

As mentioned earlier, MODX makes it simple to manage the website and edit content. That has great benefits from the marketing and SEO perspective.  Good and frequently updated content can help your website rank higher on search engines.

  • Analytics

Companies of all sizes are spending a lot of money these days on analytics.  MODX makes it simple for you to analyze your website’s performance.  By making available comprehensive analytical information, it lets you make sound decisions.

  • Flexible

Flexibility is the key in the modern time.  MODX is flexible, especially when you consider the various development features available with it.  We can use this flexibility to customize a solution to your specific needs.

  • Permission Management

When you have a content management system, it can become extremely difficult to manage permissions on who can do what.  MODX offers that solution by letting you set permission for different users as about how much content can they access and edit.

Why phpINDIA for MODX Development?

While MODX is a great platform for editing content and managing a website, there is a steep learning curve in terms of the back-end.  Even experienced developers can sometimes stumble upon the various complexities.  That’s where we come in.  We have a large experienced team that has worked with MODX for a few years now.  By that virtue, we manage to offer customized solutions that meet your specific needs.  In addition to that, we can also develop attractive, user-friendly themes that help you make the right impression for your website visitors.

Our Top MODX Development Services

  • MODX Custom Development

Do you need a customized CMS website that matches your business’ unique needs?  We are experts in the field, and can customize the website to ensure that your needs are met and your customers are impressed.

  • MODX Installation Service

As mentioned earlier, MODX is simple use but the back-end can be complex and tricky.  We can help you install it absolutely smoothly.  Our team has the experience and no project is too small for us.  As long as we can help you, we will do it for you.

  • MODX Template Development

We are of the opinion that your template should be effective, affordable, attractive, and comply with various standards.  That is what our MODX template development service will offer to you.  Our team of graphic designers will ensure that your website template makes the best first impression.

  • PSD to MODX Theme Conversion

Delivering an impressive website is not an option.  It is absolutely mandatory for you to stand out in order to make the most of your website.  We can create a functionally rich template and by matching your PSD theme pixel by pixel.

  • SEO Optimization

Is your website optimized for search engines?  If it is not, then whatever you do with your website; it will not be able to excel with search engines.  In other words, for your website to rank higher on search engines; it needs to be optimized by experts in the field.

Our Other MODX Development Services

  • MODX Extension Installation
  • MODX Extension Development
  • MODX Configuration
  • PSD to MODX Slicing
  • MODX Support & Maintenance