UI / UX Designing

UI stands for User Interface Design, and UX stands for User Experience Design. Both are part of the same design discipline yet they are entirely different from each other. UX design field is a bit more technical and analytical while UI designing can be referred to as Graphics designing.

Why UI / UX Designing?

In today’s world show business has become the largest business in the world. The brands and company who look good can only capture the market. If you do not indicate what you are or even what you are not then no one will ever know you, and you’ll lose the opportunity to capture the market. UI/UX design is the front of the company.

  • Front-end of the application

UI/UX are the front-end of any design. No UI/UX in the design means no attracting feature. Hence, less traffic.

  • Clarifies what you do

A good UI/UX of the website or app can say the story of the company as what company do and what are its capabilities. It also defines the work culture at the Organization.

  • Adds Attraction

If we want more customers should visit the website or app UI/UX designing is the only thing that can help gather more attraction and hence, more traffic.

  • Better first Impression

We all know that the first impression is the last impression. UI/UX designing can help you out with giving users a good first impression so that they move ahead and explore the site.

  • Guiding visitors

If your site or app is pretty big and needs a lot of navigation to direct the user to the place where they want to go, a Good UI/UX can help them as a guide to your site.

Why phpINDIA for UI / UX Designing?

We at phpINDIA do not create UI/UX just because it is necessary but, we believe in providing our customers’ customers a seamless experience and user interface. A user interface that can guide them through out and make their experience unforgettable. We have a team of developers who constantly keep in touch with you until your project is over and make your dream come true.

Our Top UI / UX Designing Services

  • Mobile UI/UX design

phpINDIA Provides Mobile UI/UX design solutions that are both hybrid and native mobile applications.

  • UI/UX design for SaaS

We are a leader in SaaS designing. We have designed complex solutions for ERPs, CRM, HR systems and much more.

  • Product UI/UX design for start-ups

We provide the agilest UI/UX for startups and help them capture market rapidly with our fastest designing team.

  • E-commerce website designing

Conversation rate is very important in E-commerce sites. We promise to increase the conversation rates not with the content but with the UI/UX designed by our team.

  • UI/UX updating

We believe in going with the trend. We help you in redesigning your website as per latest trends and styles.

Our Other UI / UX Designing Services

  • User Experience design
  • UI/UX consultation
  • User research and evaluation
  • Conversation Optimization
  • Front-end UI design