WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the web.  It is an open source content management system which can solve any purpose for your business.  Right from publishing regular blogs to creating portfolios to news sites to portals to online stores to even social media networks, your WordPress site can do it all.  The platform is absolutely easy to download, simple to install and can be modified and extended with ease.  That’s what makes it popular among developers and clients alike.

Why WordPress Development?

  • Intuitive Posting

Adding a new page or a new blog entry to your WordPress can be achieved with just a few clicks.  Can it get easier than that?  In our time starved world, this time saving is extremely valuable.

  • Easy Editing

Making any changes to your website or editing the content is extremely simple as well.  Once you have the hosting up and running, you can access the admin panel from anywhere.  This means that you can customize the site from your computer or even your mobile device.

  • Extensions

There are several plugins that you can add to your website to extend the functionality of the platform.  What’s more?  You don’t just need to buy existing plugins; you can customize one for your needs too.

  • Mobile Readiness

Smartphones and tablets are the present and the future of technology.  It is imperative for your website to be ready for the mobile platform.  Wordpress is mobile ready, and that means that you can capture your customers more effectively.

  • Social Networking

Whether you want to live chat from your website or integrate your site with social media, you can do it all with your WordPress website.  That makes it possible for you to easily reach out to your customers.

Why phpINDIA for WordPress Development?

Our team of WordPress designers and developers has successfully completed hundreds of different projects.  Our repertoire is extremely wide, and we have handled requirements from one page websites to premium template development to portfolio websites to portals and more.  With our solid understanding of WordPress and our group of adroit professionals, we can meet your precise requirement.  Our uninterrupted customer support through phone, chat, Skype, or email differentiates us from the others.  All our strategies are result driven and they are geared towards getting you the desired results.

Our Top WordPress Development Services

  • Open Source CMS Development

WordPress is an extremely resourceful open source platform, and we offer customized open source development.  Our team understands the tool and the various functions it offers to create a robust end product.

  • Migration

Do you want to move to WordPress from other CMS platforms?  We have done this numerous times before, and we can make sure that your migration is smooth and hassle free.

  • Custom Plug-in Development

If having a basic website isn’t enough, we can help you enhance its functionality by creating and appending feature-rich plugins to your site.  Our custom plugin development service is especially liked by our clients.

  • WordPress Web Development

Building a WordPress website was never as easy.  Once you share your requirement with us, we will do all it takes to create an impressive and user-friendly website.

  • WordPress Responsive Web Development

You want to tap your mobile users, don’t you?  That’s what our responsive web development service is geared towards.  By having a mobile-friendly website, you will be able to reach out to a wider audience.

Our Other WordPress Development Services

  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Support & Maintenance
  • Installation & Configuration
  • PSD to WordPress