Yii Development

If you are looking for a website that excels at all scales, like speed, loading, user-friendliness, responsive, mobile-friendly, you can go with Yii development framework. It is an open source PHP5 framework that is built on MVC architecture and object oriented programming platform. It is far better than previous PHP frameworks and has carved a niche for itself.

Why Yii Development?

It is a high performance framework that offers developers a rapid website development with some unique and splendid features. Its catching capacity is outstanding and can handle number of requests per second. There are some exceptional features that Yii offers that other frameworks don’t support. Here is a list of such features:

  • MVC design

It has the model view controller design that makes it more quick and responsive. Also, for developers, it offers some excellent plug-ins and extensions that really improves the speed and overall performance of the website.

  • Quality error handling

The error handling facility is great and also the logging capacity is too good. Also, it can be filtered and categorized together to make it more impressive and effective.

  • High class security measures

Yii offers some exclusive security measures that other frameworks don’t offer. It offers cross site scripting, SQL injection, cross site request forgery and others.

  • Extensive tools

Some of the tools are really impressive as they offer superior code generation that really improve the functionality like form filling.

  • Superior online support

For beginners, the complete training modules and documentation is available online. You can get systematic training for Yii framework development.

Why phpINDIA for Yii Development?

phpINDIA is a name you can look forward to when you are looking for a business website with Yii framework. We have a team of highly skilled Yii developers who have successfully completed many websites for small and medium scaled companies. They are experienced and possess sheer expertise when it comes to Yii web application development. You can rely on them for your website development.

Our Top Yii Development Services

  • Custom Yii Website Development

Are you looking for a customized Yii website development? We offer tailored Yii website development services at affordable rates in the market. You tell your business requirements and we will ensure that you get the output that is satisfactory.

  • Yii Modules/Plugin Development

There are many modules and plugins that can make the website more customised and speedy. We offer customised modules and plugins development that can make your site functions smooth and quick.

  • Yii Customization Solutions

We offer different customization solutions that are needed for the better productivity of your website and to increase the traffic.

  • Yii Maintenance and Support

We also offer high end website maintenance and support services for the smooth functioning of your business website.

  • Security measures

Enabling the website with different security measures is essential to ensure the data security and safety. With us, you don’t have to worry about your data security.

Our Other Yii Development Services

  • Built-in validation and form input
  • Enterprise Yii Development
  • Yii Framework Development
  • Yii Website/Portal Upgradation
  • Yii Web Application Development